By Light and Shadow: Everyday Life in Poland - Photographic Exhibition

Light and Shadow

Welcome to the exhibition "By Light and Shadow: Everyday Life in Poland", where we will witness everyday life in Poland, captured through the lens of a camera. This exhibition is a collection of intimate and inspiring moments from the lives of Poles, captured in a variety of contexts - from picturesque cities to rural landscapes, from busy streets to peaceful homes.

This exhibition is a journey through landscapes, emotions and everyday dilemmas. It depicts ordinary moments from life that become unique through the photographers' perspective. Different styles, techniques and approaches to photography come together here, creating a mosaic of diversity and authenticity of the Polish experience.

Each photograph in this exhibition is an attempt to understand and interpret Poland, its people and its culture. You can see different emotions - joy, sadness, nostalgia, hope - which are universal but have a uniquely Polish character.

These photographs show that everyday life is full of beauty that often escapes our attention. They bring us closer to the experiences of others, allowing us to understand their point of view and feel empathy. This exhibition is a tribute to everyday life, with its simplicity and complexity.

We invite you to immerse yourself in these photographs, discover the stories they tell and experience everyday life in Poland through the prism of these unique images. You are sure to see Poland in a new light.

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