About us

let's get to know each other better

'Street Beauty' is a photography blog that combines a passion for art with a love of the urban landscape. Our team consists of experienced professionals who share their knowledge and experience to inspire and educate our readers.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Joanna Kobylarz, is a street photography specialist who is passionate about every project. Marta Bandurska, our Creative Coordinator, takes care of the visual consistency of our blog, creating harmony between text and image. Andrzej Janowski, as Director of Development and Partnerships, establishes and maintains relationships with partners, helping us to grow and develop. And Henryk Dębowiak, our Art Photography Specialist, shares his expertise and passion, guiding our readers through the fascinating world of fine art photography.

Our editorial team

Joanna Kobylarz

Editor-in-Chief and street photography specialist. Joanna Kobylarz is the heart and soul of the Street Beauty blog. As Editor-in-Chief, Joanna oversees all aspects of content production, from concept to publication. As well as being a talented editor, she is also an experienced photographer, specialising in street photography. Her work is known for its unique perspective and ability to capture unexpected moments and emotions in everyday urban life.

Andrzej Janowski

Director of Development and Cooperation. Andrew Janowski has a key role at the Street Beauty blog as Director of Development and Partnerships. His main responsibility is to identify and develop new opportunities for the blog, both in terms of content and partnerships. Andrew is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with partners, sponsors and others in the photography industry. His relationship-building and negotiation skills are crucial to the blog's growth and position in the market.


Henryk Dębowiak

Specialist in Artistic Photography. Henryk Debowiak is a key member of the 'U Street Beauty' team as an Art Photography Specialist. His deep understanding and passion for fine art photography contribute to the unique nature of the blog. Henry is responsible for creating and curating content related to fine art photography, sharing his knowledge and experience with his readers. His work is known for its extraordinary creativity and ability to capture beauty in the simplest of elements.

Marta Bandurska

Creative Coordinator. Marta Bandurska is the reliable driving force behind the Street Beauty blog as Creative Coordinator. Her job is to manage and coordinate all projects related to visual and creative content. In addition to her organisational skills, Marta has a wealth of experience in artistic photography. Her main goal is to create a consistent visual image for the blog by carefully matching graphics, photos and other visual elements to the content.